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leadership development, coaching, consulting for higher education, start up leaders

With its history of

transformation, Pittsburgh

is inspiration for our work



The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.

~Marcel Proust

Driven by Mission

We are a leadership development consultancy for higher education executives and the entrepreneurial and creative talent that supports this industry. Through coaching, experiential education and design, we help leaders inspire, innovate and lead transformation for the sake of a better world. We believe in doing well by doing good. Our work with organizations and individuals that are creating new models for high quality, high impact education, launching sustainable businesses, solving global challenges and creating increased economic opportunities is critical to our mission.


Inspired By Place

We live and play (work) in one of the most transformational cities in North America, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. With its history of rebirth, three rivers, more than 400 bridges, emerging industries and thriving cultural and higher education institutions, this city is inspiration for our work.


Focused on Contribution

While we work with organizations across the spectrum of public and private, we are particularly passionate and deeply curious about higher education institutions and start-ups.  Both are filled with really smart, incredibly passionate, "I can change the world" kind of people. As organization designers, agents of transformation and believers in game-changing initiatives, this is our place of greatest contribution.  


Higher Education

American Higher Education still holds the keys to a better future for millions of people.  And for many individuals, it is increasingly out of reach. As a first-generation college student, our founder, Darcie Milazzo, believes that education has the power to transform individuals, communities and the world. The landscape of higher education is shifting faster than our higher education leaders can keep up. It will take new eyes, revived cultures and courageous leaders to lead the higher education transformation. We are here to support you in finding new possibilities, better choices, paths to innovation and your own best place of greatest contribution.



Start up leaders and their teams are among the most creative and inspiring we encounter. While technology has made starting your own company easier than it has been in decades past, the complexity in which we find ourselves demands more from our leadership than ever before. We support start-up leaders and teams in honing and communicating a compelling vision, building and leading high-performing teams and developing the resilience to thrive in a start-up culture. We are here to help you sustain your path of extraordinary impact. 


Delivering Impact

Whether we are working with you on executive coaching and leadership development programs, change process design and facilitation or education design and delivery we take great care to make sure we understand the impact you most want to make and cocreate the path with you.  We believe getting to the impact you seek begins with the first conversation and continues throughout every interaction. 


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